Aujourd'hui :
HEAT est fermé !

A one-of-a-kind

Located in a former boilerworks in the south of Lyon’s Confluence district, HEAT is a partially covered space offering great food as well as a programme of lifestyle events.

Part-food hall, part-third place, HEAT is made up of four colourful shipping containers serving street food, one container bar, several pétanque courts and a number of shape-shifting temporary spaces.

Resembling a programme of events, the food line-up changes every week. Each container embraces a new experience, departing on a journey to a new land where street food is king. Meanwhile, the main floor space hosts a range of unique events, from debates to DJ sets, drag shows, workshops, live performances, sport, inspirational talks and experiments. Each event is designed to highlight the creativity of local initiatives.






1 food hall
3 spaces


La Grande Halle :
Covered in winter by a glass roof and completely outdoors in summer, this main space is the beating heart of HEAT where everyone can enjoy a bite to eat and have a good time.

Le Labo :
A unique modern bistro concept, Le Labo takes over from the main hall to host more intimate events on weekdays.

La Terrasse :
The perfect place to sit back in a deckchair or enjoy a game of pétanque.

A creative community
of 250 restaurateurs


A veritable melting pot, HEAT hosts seasoned restaurateurs as well as young start-ups and apprentice chefs.

HEAT has built and now coordinates a community of 250 restaurateurs. Mainly from Lyon or the wider Rhône-Alpes region, the restaurateurs are all committed to respecting the site’s values. They offer:

— produce generally sourced from short food supply chains
— menus that change with the seasons
— fair and affordable prices

Although offering mainly street food, HEAT is never shy about trying out new ideas and breaking local culinary traditions. In 2019, in collaboration with OnlyLyon, the food hall hosted seven bouchon restaurants from around the city.

A hub
of initiatives

HEAT has won a place in the heart of the people of Lyon through its promotion of local projects. Over 200 organisations, associations and groups have organised events since the venue first opened.

It has been the birthplace of various events and projects that have gone on to become established names, and the venue is now known for everything from drag shows and quizzes to tournaments, bingo nights, roller discos and DJ sets.

A shop window for the inventive and carefree local scene, the venue also serves as a laboratory for new initiatives: at HEAT, anyone can dream up their own event.

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